Top Tips For Married Women To Cheat Without Getting Caught

Be honest now: how many of you have thought about cheating on your husband? How many of you crave the touch of a different man? A man who knows exactly what you want (and, perhaps more importantly, what you need)? Probably more of you that you would like to admit, especially those older women who have been married for a long time. And you know what? It’s okay to be a cheating wife. It really is. Whether or not you believe that humans are meant to mate for life, or whether you’re of the opinion that we’re made to sow wild oats all over the place, it doesn’t matter. If you’ve got an itch that needs to be scratched – and you can get away with it – then why not?

It’s easy to get caught out if you choose to have an affair, and the feelings of guilt that come with getting found out can be immense. Which is why we’ve got these top tips on how not get discovered in the midst of a hot and heavy affair…

older women have affairs

Older Women Have Affairs

Get A New Email Address

If you’re a married woman embarking on an affair, you’re going to need to be able to contact your lover when you need to – and you’re going to want him to be able to give you a message too. And the important thing is not to let your husband see these notes – that would be a pretty quick way of being found out, and it would be mighty embarrassing too. So it’s essential that you set up a brand new, undiscoverable email address that will only be used with your new partner. Married women everywhere embark on new relationships without thinking things through beforehand – and that means that they get caught. Taking the time to set up a new email (and it really doesn’t take long, plus it’s free if you use sites such as Hotmail and Gmail) can take a lot of the pressure off.

As a bonus way of throwing your spouse off the trail should he become suspicious, leaving your usual email account logged in at all times so that he can easily find it and read about what you’re up to. The other account will be a very well kept secret.

Keep Your Browser History Clear… Sort Of

When you’re having an exciting affair as a married woman, you’ll probably want to have a dirty weekend away every now and then. Or you might enjoy browsing specific affair dating sites. Whatever it is that you do on your computer, you don’t want to leave any evidence of it – that’s what cheats who don’t prosper do, and you’re not one of those, are you? So you need to clear your browser history. Of course! But the key is not to clear all of it; that just looks suspicious and will possibly lead your husband to believe you’re having an affair. Which you are. But you don’t want him to know that. Although it may take a little time, after you’ve been browsing for naughty things, you’ll need to go through your browser history and manually delete all the stuff that relates to your cheating.

Burner! Yes, You’ll Need One

For married women who are embarking on an affair, being able to keep in contact with that new lover is essential – otherwise, what’s the point? But using your own mobile or cell phone to do that is a no-no. And that goes double if your husband is used to be able to use your phone interchangeably with his own. Changing the password to gain access isn’t enough if he has always known the old one; he’ll not only want to know why you’ve done it (okay, you can think of an excuse…) but, and here’s the scary part, he’ll also want to your new password. And you’ve got no reason (as far as he knows) not to give it to him. Busted! So instead of all that hassle and the feelings of guilt it will bring, just get a burner phone and keep it somewhere secret. Go to work? Leave it at the office. Stay at home? That’s trickier – if you hide it and it’s found, that’s going to look suspicious. Your best bet here is to keep it in your bag and, if he does happen to come across it, have an excuse ready – your friend left it when she came over, or you found it in the street and weren’t sure what to do with it. Whatever. Just make sure you know in advance what your story is, otherwise when you start scrabbling for an answer you’re going to come across as a cheating wife. Before leaving you, if you get caught then you should read my last article: How long before your husband will forgive you.