Tempted To Have An Affair? How To Resist.

Many of us have had some type of fantasy that involves cheating. Especially for those of us who have been in a long term relationship and have grown tired of sex with your wife, we might start to consider things like online dating or casual relationships on the side. Ideas like dating a milf, or cheating with a certain waitress, might start to creep into our minds over time. Despite these temptations, there are still some of us who have the desire to remain faithful to our wives and girlfriends. This can be difficult, especially when we see the opportunity for cheating sitting right in front of us, but there are ways that you can resist the temptations. This guide was written to help you keep your promise to your wife, and avoid messing up your relationships. If you can follow these simple steps, you will have a happier relationship and better sex with your wife. Why go else where for casual relationships on the side, when you have everything that you need at home?

should i cheatResist the Temptations

Think About How Your Partner would Feel Instead of Cheating

This can be one of the easiest and compassionate ways to resist starting casual relationships on the side. Just consider how your partner would feel if they found out about your online dating history or if you were dating a milf. More than likely, they would be heartbroken if they discovered that you no longer want to have sex with your wife, and that you were going outside of the boundaries of your relationship to find it. So before you act, think about how it will effect your significant other.

Eliminate Temptations for Cheating

The closer the temptation is for cheating, the harder it will be to resist it. Take every opportunity that you can get to eliminate temptations from your life. If this means hiring a guy to be your assistant, instead of that sexy woman who submitted an application, then so be it. The more you can insulate yourself from outside temptation, the easier it will be to remain faithful. Out of sight, out of mind is the golden rule here.

Don’t Hang Out with Friends who are Cheating

We are most often influenced by the company that we keep. If you are going out on the weekends with a bunch of friends who have made a habit of cheating on their wives or girlfriends, then it is much more likely that you will begin to pick up on their examples. If you can find friends who are more interested in crushing a few brews with the boys, instead of trying to crush tail at the club, then you are much more likely to enjoy your time and remain faithful to your significant other.

Masturbate or Have More Sex with Your Wife

If you feel like you are tempted to cheat because you are too horny, then you need to take care of that problem. Luckily, we were born with two hands, and taking a few minutes to relieve ourselves is not really a difficult task. This will help keep you calm, and you will be less likely to have the desire to cheat. If you prefer to have sex, then perhaps you need to take a few steps to spice things up with your wife. Getting the fire going with her will help keep you closer, and will keep your mind off of other women.

Talk to Your Wife about Your Desires for Casual Relationships on the Side

Although this may seem extremely difficult, talking to your partner will help clear everything up. You will be able to unload some of your inner stress, and bring her in on the fold of what is happening. She might get a little mad or jealous, but in reality, she will be far less mad than if she actually caught you in the act. In addition, she might be more sympathetic than you would expect, and she might even give you permission to start dating a milf on the side or living out some of your other fantasies. Remember, it is not cheating if you ask her first.

Consider the Consequences of Cheating

The real fallout from cheating are the consequences that might happen. It is important to consider what might happen if you cheated and got caught. If this means that it will destroy your relationship, and this is something that you cannot live with, then you probably want to stay away from other women at all costs.